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Jolla Announces Their First Phone

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    Originally posted by Cyber Killer View Post
    Do you know that you do not need multiple CPU cores for normal multitasking? :-) You can just as well open/load 10 browser tabs on 1cpu as on 10cpus. What's more, the tasks are prioritized so the active tab isn't slowed down by the other ones that are opened in the background. And even more... any modern OS uses ~100 processes constantly, but somehow you don't need to have a 100 core cpu, all this is already done and works cool.
    You can, but with multiple applications (or a single multithreaded one) you'll get better performance with more cores if those cores are as powerful, or nearly so, as the single one. He was responding to erendorn, who said "Adding cores after the first 2 is most useless" - I'd also disagree with that; modern phones/tablets have enough simultaneously-running programs, background processes etc that performance should scale well to at least 4 cores - taking everything off the core that the foreground process is using will speed it up because it'll be able to use that core continuously.


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      Seems like we will be able to install any OS that supports the hardware on Jolla device.
      So for those that would like to try Firefox OS or Ubuntu phone Jolla might work.


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        The Fairphone makers claim that any OS can be installed on their Fairphone too, with the reasoning that it is rootable. But I am wondering mustn't be the bootloader open so that a different OS than Android can be installed. Or does rootable already imply that the bootloader is open?

        just looked on their twitter if there is any interesting news about multiple OS's on the Fairphone: they hiring a "Open source junkie"
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