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  • Artwizz Notebook AluStand

    Phoronix: Artwizz Notebook AluStand

    Not often do we look at computer accessories at Phoronix, but every once in a while some product looks interesting for whatever reason and we decide to try it out. With this review, we are looking at the AluStand from Artwizz. Artwizz is a company that is based in Berlin and was founded in just 2004 as a manufacturer of iPod and iPhone accessories, but since then they have branched out into developing other innovative products primarily designed for Apple devices, but other notebook computers too.

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    Hats off to you for managing to benchmark a notebook stand

    I found some use for these things at home. I had positioned the notebook next to my other monitors and used synergy to drive both computers with my usual mouse/keyboard.

    Ultimately abandoned that setup though, because the high DPI of the notebook made it difficult to read text at that distance.

    I used a sturdy stand, since portability was not an issue. A simple wooden block didn't cost $40, either