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Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Performance

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  • Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Performance

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Performance

    There is just one week left until Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" will be released, but is it worth the upgrade if you are running a netbook? From our testing of the development releases, it is most certainly worth the upgrade, especially when compared to Ubuntu 9.04 with its buggy Intel driver stack that caused many problems for Atom netbook users. Ubuntu 9.10 brings many usability improvements to the Linux desktop, various new packages, and the overall system performance has improved too. We have ran a set of benchmarks on both a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and Samsung NC10 under Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 to illustrate the performance gains along with a few regressions.

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    Ubuntu is getting better and better release by release...


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      Nice review, I guess I'll be installing karmic on my eee this weekend.


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        Since I skipped 9.04 due to the video problems, I'd be interested to know how 9.10 compares to 8.10. I'm on a Acer Aspire One (8 Gb SSD, 512Mb RAM).


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          Why did you test regular ubuntu, mention moblin ubuntu, but not look at the latest ubuntu netbook remix, which is arguably the most mature OTB netbook setup on ubuntu? The 9.10 version is significantly better than previous netbooks remixes.

          BTW, above poster, I have an aspire one, 1gig RAM, 8 gig SSD, 6 cell battery, and 9.10 netbook remix is THE BEST setup I've ever had on the thing and I have tried tons of netbooks linux versions.


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            I hope only the poulsbo solution in the Ubuntu forums to work well...


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              Ubuntu 9 10 Netbook Performance

              Well I recently got a netbook and I was wondering how regular ubuntu 9.04 will run on it? You see, I have seen NBR ubuntu and I dont like the interface of it, even though it is very functional and works very well

              I just dont like the fact that I cant have a "real" desktop and wallpaper, etc. etc. etc.

              Will it run well on my netbook? specs in my sig, eee pc btw


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                You can run Ubuntu 9.10 from the live cd without installation and test it.
                Normally, if UNR runs without problems and the regular one will run without problems.


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                  Originally posted by Apopas View Post
                  You can run Ubuntu 9.10 from the live cd without installation and test it
                  Netbooks don't have CD drives . But it should boot from a USB stick... I installed UNR on my netbook from a USB DVD drive.

                  I have some issues with the UNR interface (e.g. that it tends to expand small popup windows to full screen), but I suspect that a full Gnome/KDE interface would be harder to use because more screen space would be wasted and netbooks generally don't have much.


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                    Originally posted by movieman View Post
                    Netbooks don't have CD drives .
                    Yes, but there are external usb ones too