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Small E Ink Open Phone?

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  • Small E Ink Open Phone?

    I just started a poll to gauge interest for a small E Ink Open Phone. Check it out at

    • Small sized for 2021 (somewhere between 4.5 - 5.2 inches)
    • E Ink screen (Maybe Color)
    • To be shipped with one of the main Linux phone OSes (Manjaro with KDE Plasma, etc).
    • Low to moderate hardware specs
    • Likely >6 months from purchase to getting device

    Minimum goal specs (we might be able to do much better than these, but again might not):
    • 4 Core
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 32 GB Storage
    • USB Type-C (Not necessarily display out capable)
    • ~8 MP Front camera
    • GPS
    • GSM Modem (US)

    Software Goals:
    • Only open source apps pre-installed
    • MMS/SMS
    • Phone calls
    • View websites / webapps including at least 1 rideshare/taxi service working (may not be official)
    • 2 day battery life (during "normal" usage)

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    It doesn't have a web browser but it's an e ink screen with multi-day battery life and a five second bootup time.

    Punkt. MP 02 is another option but finding a 4G model is difficult. Not E-ink but rather a transflective lcd screen that is outdoor readable. No web browser.


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      I thought of FairPhone as well but if you live outside Europe...


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        Using a phone that can't browse the web is a bit of a pain, but it can also be a great extra.