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Lenovo Announces 27 Systems To Ship With Ubuntu Pre-Installed

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    Originally posted by Jeff Joshua Rollin

    Not liking ThinkPads is one thing, but if you’re siding with white supremacists and other cavedwellers I have no time for you.
    Exactly what I said.
    I'm actually explaining otherwise to you and bringing some nuance to the intolerance of SJWs and yet with the lack of critical mind of people like you, I'm now "siding with white supremacists". Narrow minded one-track thinking little dictators. You got to remove those blinders.


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      No valid arguments from people quickly and wrongly cataloguing others because they don't understand nuances. As usual. Trying to be condescendant instead due to shallowness of own arguments.

      I don't like how the anti-racism wave try to fight against racism (ditto with feminists and all minorities) and I believe there are better ways to achieve the desired result. And I'm applying these better ways every day, while still accepting others might have different opinions and might be just as right as me. But I'm a white supremacist... How much more moronic can one get?

      I find that narrow-mindedness sad rather than funny or laughable. Weirdly enough, intolerance is a common trait of feminists and anti-racists.


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        Originally posted by Jeff Joshua Rollin
        The only reason I haven't blocked you is because by accident or design your username defeats the ignore list, so you might as well stop talking. I'm not interested in your pathetic attempts to justify white supremacy nor in your verbose rantings.
        Seems like you can't read. Go back to school, please. You're a moron and a racist.


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          Originally posted by timrichardson View Post

          I am not sure that the AMD version is hardware certified just yet, check the Lenovo linux forums. We have an ideapad in the house, and it was only with kernel 5.9 that everything worked at least adequately (the problems left over from 5.8 were related to the microphone, which affects the Thinkpad too). I think F33 will probably initially ship with 5.8.
          Well, it's finally arrived. I am trying Ubuntu 20.10 now, until the release of Fedora 33.
          There are some small issues. I've found that audio and microphone do not work out of the box. The microphone works. I discovered that I have to manually unload a couple of *_acp3x modules which are the mic drivers. This makes the mic stop working. Then I restart pulseaudio and the sound card is correctly detected. Then I reload those modules and the microphone also restart working without breaking the sound card.
          I'm trying to figure out how to automatize this process. I've also tried to rebuild a 5.9.1 kernel, stripping the unnecessary audio drivers. Unfortunately it's been a long time since when I last compiled my customized kernel, and I've just discovered that it's not enough to package it in a .deb, it must be signed or UEFI won't load it at boot time.