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What Linux Games Are Most Important To You?

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    -Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
    -Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
    -Quake 4.
    -Frozen Bubble
    *World of Warcaft under wine


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      1- Wine
      2- Postal?
      3- Frozen Bubble


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        for the moment:
        - urban terror
        - enemy territory
        - wine
        - tremulous


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          * Quake World: Enemy Territory
          * a little bit of WoW (opengl)
          * Quake 4
          * Doom 3

          (And a little bit of TrackMania Nations, which I would love to be able to play on linux, but which I must dualboot into XP to play for now )


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            Frozen bubble
            AisleRiot Solitaire


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              I don't play as much PC now as before, but not only because I just use Linux (can't find the time..). Still very interested in gaming, though. The most important games for me are the Quake-series, primarily Q3A. id Software is very important to Linux gaming and me, as they release prior engines under GPL and I like the gameplay, so I always buy their games even though I don't play them through ("I'll complete it another time"..).

              My list:

              id Software games (+ games by partners)
              Chromium B:S:U
              Majesty Gold
              WINE (only for Blizzard games except WoW)

              I haven't bought it yet, but I'm very excited about the Penny Arcade game(s), so I'm sure that would be high on my list. If Blizzard made native Linux clients for SC2 & D3, I think they would maybe rank higher than id!

              Lastly I like and own two older shareware games, Marble Blast Gold and Mutant Storm, but gave up trying to get them to work on a modern Linux system... Not so cool.

              Curious what you have in mind, Michael!
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                Originally posted by Thetargos View Post
                While letting know the producers of the game that you'd like their game natively, chances are that if it runs in Wine is good enough for them.

                By the way, this Blizzard link is flawed, it only allows for WoW, while that is about the only Blizzard title I don't play in Wine
                Then especially the games that don't run in Wine, tell them about! I will find another Blizzard link, thanks.

                Originally posted by Morlyn View Post
                Wine. I play a lot and wine is my savior atm. Blizzard needs to make clients for linux, seriiosly, its about time.
                Tell them that, seriously!

                Originally posted by quintesse View Post
                what I *want* is CS but that's just unplayable using WINE (or rather instead of being a reasonably good player it turns me into a bottom feeder)
                Write to them and let them know!


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                  I'd also like to have more adventure games on Linux, the genre itself seems to be making a comeback (Ankh, Jack Keane, Penumbra), but I'd definitely like other titles as well (such as Longest Journey and the like) or Action-Adventure titles (a la Prince of Persia, God of War et al. [of course not those specific titles, much less console-exclusive titles]). Gaming seems to be becoming saturated with Action shooters and MMOs.


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                    Originally posted by Thetargos View Post
                    Gaming seems to be becoming saturated with Action shooters and MMOs.
                    So true FPS games have been done to death now, where are the RPG's and RTS's already?


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                      On DosBox i play:
                      +A LOT of old sierra games like quest for glory, kings quest and others of that time. Great times..

                      On WINE i play:
                      +Penumbra Part 1, Part 2
                      +Starcraft + Broodwar
                      +Civilization 4
                      +N4SU, N4SU2
                      +Max Payne 1 & 2

                      On Native Linux i play:
                      +Lemming style Penguin (dont remember the name)