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Some Linux Game Developers Don't Even Have Contacts At AMD

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  • Some Linux Game Developers Don't Even Have Contacts At AMD

    Phoronix: Some Linux Game Developers Don't Even Have Contacts At AMD

    It's sad right now that we're going through a time where many new Linux game releases only work with NVIDIA graphics and flat out fail with AMD's Catalyst driver. While AMD is known to deliver game fixes several months late, making matters worse, it seems some game developers don't even know who to contact at AMD about Linux driver issues...

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    1/10 review on Gamespot

    The Bad
    Constant crashes, including a bug which kills all game progress
    Frame rate is choppier than the seas your ship sails on
    Rampant racism, sexism, and homophobia
    Combat is broken at worst and button-mashing tedium at best
    Stilted voice acting makes community theater seem like the Royal Shakespeare Company


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      One thing I really like about open source graphics drivers is that the developers are all publicly known and available on IRC, mailing lists, and bugzilla. You can just show up and talk to them. Even if NDAs (surrounding unreleased games) prevent talking to them right away, it's at least easy to find the right contacts.

      Some of my best contacts at game studios I've randomly found through Bugzilla.
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        It's interesting, because even in 2009 I didn't have problems to find support from AMD for my game (it was an indie project and we had problems with CrossFire in OpenGL). I used AMD developer forum to report my issue and after 1-2 days I get response from AMD OpenGL developer on my email + forum.


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          Happen the same here, just they said we don' t have conctact with AMD, reason no one name it, what are the reason you don' t have conctact them I bet is a way to said or we don't care or amd doesn't care.
          A company that is worry will say, oh we know about this problem, we contact amd but we dont have a replies of them (so at less you know where is the ball), but saying "unfortunatly, we are not in touch with the AMD Linux team and even have no contact" is saying I just don' t care a if not works with amd hardware.


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            1/10 review and on steam it is Mostly Negative (229 reviews)... so who cares


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              Obviously AMD is not doing what they need to do. They need to get their message out there and encourage best practices among devs while improving their openGL drivers as well.

              But also; how can a dev be so unprofessional that they develop a PC game which only works on one vendors hardware? This is supposed to be one of the reasons why we even use industry standards such as openGL and DirectX.


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                This isn't really all that surprising to me. AMD doesn't want to dump money and resources into a piece of software that they intend to retire soon. You likely wouldn't spend $5000 to repair a car with 250k miles on it - you'd just spend enough to make sure it keeps running until you get something new. As for the open source devs - even if their contact info wasn't publicly available, they don't have the time or resources to micro-optimize for individual games.

                The way I see it, Nvidia, Intel, and AMD shouldn't be responsible for improving the performance of individual games. What they're responsible for is making sure their products have the functionality they're advertised to have. But obviously, it has never worked that way and it likely never will.


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                  Well, the lead character and his crew are supposed to be "scum", so of course they have that sort of behavior. It's not a game I would play, and sounds pretty shitty anyway, but you can't expect a scumbag to exclaim "good day, madam! Would you happen to know where my arch nemesis resides? He is in dire need of a good slaying!" There is a limit, of course, and I haven't heard actual gameplay--maybe they crossed it. Just seems a bit of an overreaction at first glance.


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                    Larabel shitting on AMD again, classy!

                    It is of course AMDs fault that some random devs cant be arsed (or are too stupid?) to contact AMD (forum, mail, fscking twitter) when running into issues.