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LGP Introduces Linux Game Copy Protection

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    Originally posted by stan.distortion View Post
    For the copy protection, the key would have to be validated online or one key would work for every game. Bit stupid on my part, the torrent connection isn't going to come through the post That does leave folks with no connection out in the cold but torrents and an emailed, individual key would be the best distribution method, could even leave a section of the torrented file usable with no key so it doubles up as the demo.

    I didn't imply that the key would be with the torrent. It's just the raw medium, keys could be purchased though any type of ecommerce solution you want. Since it needs to authenticate every once and a while I'm sure the key server has checks for abnormal amounts of duplicate keys. No valid key check, no running game.


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      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
      With online verification there is very little need for physical media. If they are going to do online verification then just torrent the iso and sell the key online. Less overhead, faster delivery, can yell the "We're Green" madness leading to greater profits.
      Even though a few software companies already do things similar, there's some issues with this mode of distribution that prevent its use for more costly programs.

      Once the data is legally delivered to your house, in most countries you can do whatever you want with it (and I'm not talking for the USA). That includes applying a patch to remove the protection (illegal only in a few countries, and even in those countries it would have to be fought in court before there's any certainty), or just typing a key you saw anywhere. Since publishing a suite of numbers/letters is totally legal, this mode of distribution would simplify the life of any "pirates" - just maintain a legal site with the keys available, and anybody can play the game without buying it and still do this 100% legally. They wouldn't even be "pirates" (man, I hate that word), that is they wouldn't be copyright infringers at all. Even if the key is only part of the protection, there's nothing a patch wouldn't solve, and since patches don't need to have any code from the original game, they'd also be perfectly legal for distribution in many countries. Plus, fighting legal battles about an user removing some protections with a patch would be far harder and more costly than suing file sharers, not to say quite impossible to catch.


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        When there is a will there is a way. Doesn't matter how much anti pirate annoying "features" the product will be hacked. I like the idea of Good faith. I buy games that I like. Much like a vote. No point paying for something I don't play.


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          I counted 52(includes expansions,betas,alphas) genuine native Linux games here... but NONE of those require cd-check or online activation on startup for single player game... some of those even have sources available(ID Software)

          Anyway it's not nice to pay LOT more than Windows version of the game and then include DRM that decreases the use value... less for more money.

          LGP can drop dead if they do not remove the DRM(sooner or later) since I am not giving my money to DRM and if they drop dead they promised to remove the DRM if not someone else gets my money.

          I also run quite many games in Wine but now I must stop paying for DRM Windows games too just to be equal to both Windows and Linux games.


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            True, DRM is a vista feature, why should it be a Linux feature. :/ I don't buy DRM software.


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              Originally posted by killertux View Post
              I counted 52(includes expansions,betas,alphas) genuine native Linux games here... but NONE of those require cd-check or online activation on startup for single player game... some of those even have sources available(ID Software)

              Actually Doom 3 did a cd key check, blocking the port with the router allowed you to continue on though.

              Also neverwinter nights did a cd check on any of the premium addons
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                Haha I never bought doom 3.


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                  2K drops DRM on Bioshock

                  Little Sisters roam free

                  By Wily Ferret: Monday, 23 June 2008, 9:32 AM

                  ANOTHER NAIL HITS THE DRM coffin today, as 2K Games announces that it's droping the DRM from its PC best-seller, Bioshock.
                  Released to critical acclaim last year, the only serious problem with Bioshock was the fact that the PC DRM on the disc was a real pain to deal with. Limiting users to three installations - and with problems dealing with upgrades and uninstalls - the biggest problem was the fact that the DRM activation was handled server side. With the game's huge popularity on release, the servers went down - leaving thousands of legit purchasers without the ability to play the game.
                  Now Bioshock has been on the market for a while, 2K has decided that the hassle of maintaining the server is more than it's worth to prevent copying - especially since there are plenty of hacks on the net available for download which bypass the activation, thus making the entire endeavour rather pointless.
                  No word on whether 2K plans to implement the DRM in future titles, or if this is one software annoyance we can finally label 'done'.

                  Someone is getting the message........

                  2K Elizabeth
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                  Activation limits removed on BioShock for the PC
                  Good news! As promised, all activation restrictions, including install limits, have been removed from BioShock PC as of today. You don’t have to patch or install anything for this to go into effect for your copy of BioShock – it’s already done!

                  Enjoy your time in Rapture, and thank you for supporting BioShock and the 2K teams.
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                    Good news about bioshock, so when are we getting a linux port?
                    Just a thought on LGP, if you have to have protection why not make it a feature? Games like X3 are still playable even if you are limited to a section of the universe, how about a series of keys to progress further through the game for, say, $5 each. To finish the game you will still need to pay the full price but if you only pay $10 you still get a good (but limited) game.
                    Could go further with rewards for various tasks in the game so if someone wants to play for 100 hours on an area most folks would be bored with after 20 then they can get to the next area for free.
                    Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here, just some pre-coffee madness


                    • Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                      2K drops DRM on Bioshock
                      no, they did not

                      stop focussing on reducing piracy and start focussing on improving sales. They are MOST DEFINETELY not the same thing. One gives you direct revenue, the other doesn't.
                      seen on another forum