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    Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    I do play some games on my laptop to see how things are going in Linux but Wine 1.7 is just not there. I seriously can't get Mass Effect 1 running perfectly yet on Wine1.7.

    Origin requires a patch to get working and it's still slow to download games.

    Any games I do get working are at best 50% the performance if running on Windows.

    I have CSMT in Win1.7 and it doesn't do much on a Intel i3. Gallium-Nine increases performance drastically but even fewer games work fine with it.

    Wine really needs to get there. I'm really surprised that Valve hasn't stepped in and do something about it. Like make a fork of Wine or donate code.
    Curiously in my case mass effect 1 works with and without texture mods but i have mass effect steam version

    Without texture mod ME1UITM

    With texture mod ME1UITM

    However i use lastest wine vanilla with nvidia card + lastest propietary drivers


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      My problem with Mass Effect maybe related to the gallium-nine patch. BTW I run it off Origin which has gotten extra shit lately. I can get the game to work with UseNative enabled but without it there's all sorts of worse problems. UseNative also just causes massive slow downs and texture corruption.


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        Originally posted by ssokolow View Post
        ...and, since nobody really mentioned it, I'll chime in with the obligatory mention that, of the people who do game on Linux, a higher percentage than on Windows are gonna want an officially-sanctioned method for downloading DRM-free installers/archives that can be saved and backed up.

        It'll be very interesting to see how things turn out with GOG Galaxy.
        Amen to this. People who moved to Linux originally to get away from the DRM in Windows certainly are not the prime candidates to use any DRM product.