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    Except that some people really are free-loaders, or don't have the money, or... and they can't tell them from the ones who just don't like DRM, and they don't care to know the difference because all they know is someone is playing their game without paying, and they think DRM is the answer (whether that is actually the case or not).


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      It's better to buy DRM-free games and NOT buy games with DRM. The companies using DRM will see the ones not using it prosper, and put two and two together. Piracy will just muddle the water and in the end harm things.


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        Oh, the humble store is having a "DRM-Freedom" sale, apparently. Hadn't even noticed.


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          Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
          If a games developer (or publisher) would compare many of their games, ones with DRM, ones without and consistently notice the games without DRM are selling whereas the ones with DRM are not... then it doesnt take someone that bright to be able to do the maths eh?
          yea, but that is up to their sales and marketing department to figure it out

          Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
          Besides, if enough people did it (i.e all gamers) and they make public note that they are doing it as a boycott of DRM (on forums such as these) then a maths function wouldnt be needed to see this. This is called... a fscking protest!
          boycott or protest means IGNORE, you're promoting THEFT

          Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
          There are a lot of free games and software that have DRM too y'know. Yes, I also suggest pirating and cracking them. Does that make me a free-freeloader?
          yes... it does

          Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
          The consumer Unity game engine is a pretty good example of this. Its free version still requires online activation. Yeah, I pirated that thing up the wazoo when we used to use it at work. Frankly, we all did. Though this was one of the main reasons why we started development of our own inhouse clone of the API.
          if you don't agree with unity policy, why not opt for some other engine like UE4 or Leadwerks? i doubt anyone is forcing you to opt for choice you don't like. or if it does it is only your personal lack of realization

          Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
          Likewise at University we had access to the MSDN (Academic Alliance). Still refused to activate all that software online. Cracking it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
          wonder what your point would be here

          but, let me tell you one thing. you seem to be fighting for what you deem it is your right by denying others privilege and freedom of conducting business in a way they deem best. kinda, pot calling kettle black... nah, its worse.


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            Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
            Only a few months ago (when some of our software was published) did I realize that Valve do not at all impose DRM on any games published on Steam.
            Wait, do you tell us that you have released your software on Steam? Would be nice if you tell us the name of that software, so that people with the opinion "Steam=DRM" can pirate your software to protest against your decision.


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              Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
              Basically a boycott is no good because the publisher can blame the game on being "no good".
              Then you are doing it wrong. Once again, if you boycott/protest against something it is part of the job to make the people in charge aware of that. Not by hoping that the software in question might possibly phone home, but by telling them: "I don't like DRM, so I won't buy it!"


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                Originally posted by kpedersen View Post
                That is EXACTLY why the game needs to be pirated rather than boycotted. So the publisher knows it is a good game and people play it, they just refuse to buy it because of the DRM.
                Most cracks do not disable the analytics either, so the developers and publishers will be getting great results that do not align to their sales figures. They will thus start looking at the DRM as the problem rather than as a benefit.

                For you to state this argument, I must not be making my point clear
                Basically a boycott is no good because the publisher can blame the game on being "no good". However if they consistently see that all the popular games which also have good sales figures have no DRM in. They will start to realize that people do not want the DRM.
                Are you actually aware of the fact that games without DRM get pirated too? It is one thing to be against DRM, and a completely another to support and promote piracy.

                And your attempts to display piracy as some noble endeavor against the big evil publishers, just make you look like the single most naive software pirate out there.

                And regarding your gamedev story. I say it's bs. Go ahead and prove me wrong please.


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                  Originally posted by justmy2cents View Post
                  even though i couldn't care less about drm, that would be step in right direction. drm would be better if it died off, but steam drm really never was something i'd feel as invasive

                  i just wonder how would anyone know that since game was not released yet
                  How about I'm the porter?


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                    Originally posted by Veto View Post
                    Yeah, right!

                    Just watch all the Android games needing 'full network access' and 'access to accounts and phone number'. That also includes HumbleBundle games. What makes you think the desktop is any different?
                    Then those Android games are not really DRM-free. DRM includes calling home.


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                      But if you want to support DRM free software ignoring/piracing is not enough.

                      Supporting DRM free software means buying DRM free software on GOG or/and Humble store.
                      I strongly doubt publishers will realize that their two drm free *steam* games are sold 2% more often because they did not use any drm.