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Humble Bundle Gets Into Weekly Game Sales

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  • Humble Bundle Gets Into Weekly Game Sales

    Phoronix: Humble Bundle Gets Into Weekly Game Sales

    The company behind the Humble Indie Bundle is now trying to promote weekly sales of DRM-free cross-platform games...

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    It's too bad I already purchased it through a Humble Bundle. I suppose they're trying to get to the folk who missed it initially, or whose friends saw them playing it and wanted in for cheaper than retail. I'll probably grab Frozen Synapse just for the Linux version, should they do that.


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      Not sure how they don't realize that this last bundle did "poorly" because nearly all the games were in previous bundles. If they want consistently high sales they need to always be running primarily fresh games. It's ok to have one or two rehashes in the mix, but when it is like 6 or 7 of the 9 titles that have been in previous bundles who is going to want to pay out for games they already own? Even now, they start off the weely sales with a title that was in probably their highest selling bundle to date, do they really hope it will go well for them when a majority of their fan base already own that title? The only thing that is even kind of tempting me to buy it again is that they are including sheet music this time, that Bastion sound track is one of my favorite recent OSTs so it would be cool to be able to play some of that stuff with my midi controller.


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        This does feel like they're running out of ideas. Running each bundled game, alone, weekly now?


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          too bad they dont re-release Lugaru, I missed out on the first humble bundle but I have all of them since, every game from the first one has been re-released except for Lugaru. Its weird that they havent thrown that game into any bundles since the first one. I hope they do it for the weekly sale.


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            I bought this but sadly it doesn't run too well on my slow-ass computer... now I want a new computer plz