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Unigine Now Does "Seamless Forest Rendering"

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    That's not a forest, it's a patch of trees. The density needs to be much higher, just like in all of the videos that game developers show off at E3 but then never deliver in the final release.


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      Originally posted by RealNC View Post
      Someone should tell these guys that trees grow upwards :-P
      I don't get this joke

      Ok, it's doesn't look like a ultra-res screenshot from a cry engine game, but this looks great. (except for the scene with the windturbines, which actually looks pretty bad. (The trees at that screenshot and the green/brown-ish texture on the ground doesn't seem to be right.). However, the other screenshots are beautifull.

      "It's more like a bunch of trees"

      It isn't called Uningine Forest. Unigine Valley is the name.


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        Originally posted by Sverro2 View Post
        I don't get this joke
        It's due to the weird FOV in the last screenshot. The trees look like they're tilted. It's just the FOV though.