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LGP Begins Pushing Their Outdated Crap In Ubuntu

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    Meanwhile back at the Hall of Justice...

    EA Sports is still pushing out the same old Madden upgrade

    The new Call of Duty Quake 3 booster pack is coming out soon

    The more people pushing Software Center the better.

    Report on the real news. Why is Canonical pushing the same old out-dated Windows Manager crap from the 90's.

    - I can't set my Font DPI in Unity
    - I can't move my dock-bar in Unity
    - I can't easily choose Mate desktop without a 3rd party respository
    - I can't easily click an option during or after installation to play DVD's ... It's a script hidden.


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      Unsurprising title.. LGP hasn't paid Mr. Douchebag any money like Valve or OMGOILRUSH!!11
      And we haven't read anything recently about your retina screen, please fix that.


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        seems some people can get LGP to talk to them, a interview with the new LGP boss is up at


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          Well, it has finally been released on Desura:


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            If it runs great, is fun and doesn't cost too much then it's not crap.
            The news are great but the delivery is crap IMO.

            Anyway, I won't pretend I'm not going to come back here because of that, although more objective news would be more intellectually and emotionally pleasing.


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              Originally posted by BlueKoala View Post
              If it runs great, is fun and doesn't cost too much then it's not crap.
              That's kinda the point, I heard that a lot of the LGP games don't even run at ALL anymore in newer distros (Ubuntu 12.10). They need to be patched and it's on LGP's "TODO" list.. That's why they haven't pushed all their titles into the Ubuntu Software Center and Desura already as the binaries simply don't execute anymore. PERIOD.

              I would happily buy Mind Rover when it's up on Desura or Steam, but it seems they're a ways away from actually getting the majority of their games working on a recent distro.


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                Usually the problematic part is that those binaries are 32 bit only. Depending on the system it can be more tricky to get 3d drivers in a 32 bit environment when the system is 64 bit. I do not think that on a pure 32 bit system it would be too hard to get a game running. Maybe a few symlinks for openal and others if non-standard names have been used or just get rid of the shipped libs when the default names are used.


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                  Originally posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
                  However, the store is geared to Ubuntu, is integrated into the Ubuntu package manager, and I was under the impression you could only utilize it from an Ubuntu setup.
                  I'm pretty sure you can get USC working on Debian without too much trouble, and I believe it could also work on other distros with some extra work (although it would probably be best to limit it to the packages that don't have complicated dependencies there).


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                    All besides the point really - one should not have to force something to get it to work. Especially when it is forcing the program to do something it is really not supposed to do.