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Unreal Engine 3 Now Sort Of Works On Linux

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  • Unreal Engine 3 Now Sort Of Works On Linux

    Phoronix: Unreal Engine 3 Now Sort Of Works On Linux

    Without Wine, it's now possible to run Unreal Engine 3 on Linux...

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    i think its interesting how they managed to get this to work but i can't imagine it would perform sufficiently. what exactly were they hoping to accomplish by doing this anyway? why was this a higher priority than linux?


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      ... when I don't have to install flash on linux any more I'll be happy.


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        It's the first time that I didn't get disappointed that something is not available for linux, you may ask why??? Well, Flash is a shitty framework on its own, now running a game engine on top of it makes the outcome even shittier, I don't see any future for Unreal engine on top of flash. Flash is already dead(I mean it's dying), If they really wanted to waste their time and money they could do it in a more interesting way(like porting the whole damn thing to DOS!)


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          I don't mind seeing proprietary frameworks such as flash dying but there is the issue of the vast amounts of content.

          Maybe google could help out the Gnash project with some donations and manpower?

          Now that flash will stop being a moving goal this becomes quite feasible.
          Maybe not quickly but in a few years we could have a perfect working gnash that supports most if not all flash content versions and features?


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            Who cares? You can't play Unreal Engine 3 anyway. Plus, we have Unigine now.


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              So they contained bad tech (ut3 engine...yes i know it has great development features, it just sucks to play on) in even worse tech ?

              No thanks, i'll just stick to wine if i ever want to run it.


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                THX GOOGLE.

                adobe and epic you suck!


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                  1. Run epic Epic flash demo Epic Citadel
                  2. Run (alfa) full open source Javascript WebGL engine
                  3. Conclusion (performance, graphics features etc.)?


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                    Originally posted by kwahoo View Post
                    Oops... It seems that BananaBread live demo is broken now

                    Edit: quote about Stage 3D API
                    The 3D APIs will rely on DirectX 9 on Windows and OpenGL 1.3 on MacOS and Linux.
                    Last edited by kwahoo; 24 August 2012, 12:45 PM.