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Valve's Steam Linux Beta: "Fairly Soon"

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  • Valve's Steam Linux Beta: "Fairly Soon"

    Phoronix: Valve's Steam Linux Beta: "Fairly Soon"

    Valve's Steam Linux beta will be available fairly soon...

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    Just curious.

    What games are going to be available in this beta?


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      Well, as of now only Left4Dead 2.


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        Maybe they will release some third-party steam games with linux versions. world of goo for example.


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          There is no "fairly" word in valve time. So we can expect it next year


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            As their L4D2 port is completed, I think other source based games should not take much time to come. May be with Steam beta only L4D2 and other ports following. So in lunch time Most Of the Source games.

            I am hopping for Counter strike(Source and/or Global offensive) to come early.


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              I could bet in September or at worse case scenario, October.


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                I hope they will port dota 2 to Linux too


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                  "Fairly soon" is an anagram of "Loafs irony".

                  Do the math!



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                    Originally posted by Ofen View Post
                    I hope they will port dota 2 to Linux too
                    Since it uses Source Engine too I think the chances are high that it get's ported
                    some time after Left 4 Dead 2. Very popular Free-2-Play games would be the best
                    way to pull people over to linux. Not everyone wants to pay money for a rather
                    old game (L4D2) and there are propably alot of people who aren't hardcore gamers
                    and just play 1-2 games regulary and if one of them is DOTA it's even easier for
                    them to switch to Linux.

                    Really looking forward to the beta test since they said that everyone who
                    expresses his interest to participate in the beta gets added to the list which I did.
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