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    Originally posted by Irritant View Post
    @Kivada, people are going to make the kinds of games they want to make. They don't owe it to you or anyone else to do otherwise. If you, and presumably others don't like it, don't play them, take that energy and make the kinds of games YOU want to play
    I, like most people am not a programmer, nor am I a graphics artist. But this doesn't make my complaints or suggestions any less valid as I like many others am all for paid development of OSS games, so brushing off people who voice their opinion like myself isn't so great an idea. That said I'm not willing to give to a project that squanders the money rehashing a genera that has been beaten to death a thousand times over.

    The closest thing to any of these that I actually enjoyed playing was Metal Gear Online, the original on the PS2, while yes, it had the same game modes common to the Quake clones the execution was that of a 3rd person game that required you to enter 1st person view to make precision shots or use weapons like the sniper rifle, it required allot more strategy as well as you could actually use your environment for cover and the 3rd person mode allowed you to lean up against walls for lean out shots. Your accuracy also depended on what position you where in, you could be standing, kneeling or laying down, each had a profound effect on your accuracy with every weapon.

    In addition to the standard modes it had the 7 on one sneak mode where you could either kill everyone or just try to reach the goal across the map, you did have much higher then normal health and stamina though on top of limited invisibility. But my favorite modes where 1on1 duel and team rescue/last man standing, so long as it wasn't in the lab, if it was then whatever team spawned on the first floor had a 90% chance of having someone survive by holding up near what would be the entrance if it was the actual MGS3 game.

    You could tackle, slam or stun opponents with either tranquilizers or stun grenades that would block out the vision and mute the sound of anybody in the vicinity. You needed to find food to recover the lost stamina as well else you would slow a bit, lose accuracy and you would have stomach growls. You could avoid the effects of the stun grenade if you where in a box and it didn't go off right in front of you. You could even hang from ledges or crawl into ductwork to sneak into other areas.

    You could drop porno mags that would distract your opponents for a few seconds, you had team leaders and team losers as well, the best people on each team could be one of the MGS3 chars and would thus gain special abilities or weapons like the instant knockout or the ricochet revolver and tat the first headshot that hits you only takes off your hat, the 2nd still kills you though. The worst guy got the weakling Sokolov and was a little worse at everything but gained limited invisibility, about 15-20 seconds worth.

    Everything you see where is in game footage, you could actually do all of these things if you could find a group that would actually stay organized As for the strategy aspect, here are a few examples:


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      Originally posted by bridgman View Post
      Very funny... The binaries of the game Unvanquished that are build for GNU/Linux operating system, or source code of the game that i can compile with GNU compiler collection on my GNU/Linux/X/Debian/who/knows/what/else operating system that is running on my PC with x86_64 processor.!


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        We should make these links more prominent on our release tbh.


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          I welcome this well deserved update/fork, the quake engine is too old (limited) and it shows.
          Another game that desperately needs to replace their engine is UFO AI.

          Tremulous is actually a bit different to the typical fps and i find it more fun than the usual.
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            We're clearly having a bad effect on Bridgman. Not that it matters, I prefer his new style

            (btw Bridgman, please comment on the perf counters doc when you have time)


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              Originally posted by bridgman View Post
              Best comment of the thread!


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                btw another awesome game with very cool graphic for the type of game it is ofc is 0AD, is still in alpha but is in very good way to be awesome.

                kudos to the 0AD ppl