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Humble Botanicula Generates $822k USD

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  • Humble Botanicula Generates $822k USD

    Phoronix: Humble Botanicula Generates $822k USD

    The Humble Bundle Botanicula Debut ended yesterday. Here's some figures from this two-week, pay-what-you-want, cross-platform, DRM-free game bundle sale...

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    aw since when were the other titles added? i probably would've got this if i knew they were there. either way, i'm impressed by the high averages, especially in windows.


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      the linux contribution seems quite small in comparison, specially since windows/mac users payed a High avg. this time (which is unusual).

      also am pretty sure linux users wallets were a bit empty thx also to all the kickstarter projects.


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        It's important to separate the Humble __brandname__ bundles from the Humble Indie Bundles - these brandname bundles (Voxatron/FrozenByte/Botanica) are usually more niche market than the general ones, and don't pull the same revenue. $822k is pretty impressive for a niche bundle!

        I think the lower Linux interest here is probably due the Adobe AIR requirement for Botanica.