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Mephistopheles: Not All Linux Games Sell Well

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    Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
    I don't like this game and I haven't even watched the need with that atitude. A word of advice. Stop trying to make your games like AAA titles. You don't have the budget! Focus on originality not graphics
    Games are just like movies: Management wants to spit out the same exact thing over and over again, because it's been proven to sell. Why do you think CoD/BF/MoH all haven't had significant gameplay changes in the past decade?

    AA studios are where originality comes from, but those studios immediately get taken over once they have an IP worth something. The management at those studios are looking for THEIR payday, so either they want an IP so they can sell, or they want a one-hit wonder (which almost always crashes and burns, but that won't stop them from trying).

    Point being, 2% of the market isn't going to drive managements decisions.