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Xen - VGA passthrough is the way to go!!!

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  • Originally posted by salvo2002 View Post
    Here is a link that explains ?Physicalizing? VMs as Desktops. It's what I am setting up. His setup uses ESXi, I'll be using Xen.
    Looks like an interesting setup. If I didn't have old hardware lying around that still is good enough for our needs, I would have done the same. Unless I'm converting pictures (from RAW into JPEG or sometimes TIFF), or rip some video for storage on the media center, my PC is totally under-utilized. A few more VMs wouldn't harm.


    • Finaly an active thread on the subject!

      I've had to follow quite a trail of bread crumbs to make it this far.

      Powerhouse, a few years ago in a thread far far away you mentioned the possibility of having a single GPU and a DomU having exlusive control over it. (can't find it now, sorry)

      This is my configuration I'm stuck with. My Dom0 is supposed to be completely headless. SSH or Serial interaction only. I intend to have a single Windows DomU that will utilise the Geforce GTX 740 GPU. So far I've managed to use PCI passthough to provide an NIC to the Windows guest. I currently using VNC to manipulate the Widnows guest.

      Here's where I keep running in to dead ends. The GPU has also been passed through but it of course gets the insufficient resources error (I think it's 12?) in windows device manager.

      My last attempt at solving this problem involved preventing anything from initialising the GPU untill Windows was brought up to use it.

      I've removed the VGA arbiter from the kernel and it appears that the first thing to interact with the GPU is pciback which seizes it and the NIC. (pciback is compiled in)

      Not sure where to go from here. Grub still shows up on the screen when I reboot even though it's also being piped out the serial port. There's also a little bit of kernel code (?) that's on the screen breifly before the screen goes black. (power light remains green FWIW) I would think, once set up correctly, there'd be nothing on the screen post bios untill the Windows Dom0 started up. I was thinking of using EFI and scrapping grub altogether, though I've never done that.