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Introducing The R5 Game Engine

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  • Introducing The R5 Game Engine

    Phoronix: Introducing The R5 Game Engine

    With open-source game developers, the ioquake3 game engine is quite popular to use as a base since the Quake 3 / id Tech 3 engine is well-developed and famous thanks to id Software and then their kid generosity to open-source it when it reached the end of its commercial life. But there are many other open-source game engines out there too, including a new one that's just recently come about: r5ge, short for the R5 Game Engine...

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    The Xreal feature set was just all over the place and it was bloated... it had java in it O.o and all kinds of other useless crap. I guess it just ended up being an experimental engine for trying out fun stuff... and for the developer that is what mattered. If it isn't fun for the developer it isnt' going anywhere anyway to begin with.


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      Are you sure it already has Linux Support? I just browsed the source, didn't see any Linux-specific files, and also there don't seem to be any Linux-related build files.


      • #4 is the linux-related build file


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          It has a makefile that builds *.o files in the Debug or Release Linux folder depending on which you setup in the make file but I don't think they have some of the initialization code working so it isn't acutally built or something along those lines.... so yeah someone probably need to step and ad get it working. It does compile as of r648 but I see no acutal binaries of the engine built at least the componets are compiling mostly

          Some older blog post indicate that is true.. but it might have already changed some or is being added dunno...


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            You don't see them, because you're looking at the svn, not because it doesn't work on Linux
            If you're going to develop something, running make shouldn't be a problem

            Since I'm the one working on linux support, you can take my word for it


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              What object model is it using?

              How complete and useful is its editor?


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                what about models

                i wanted to contribute to Xreal by making models in blender but i couldn't open their blend files. is there a repository of good humanoid blender models that can be put into this game engine? I would also like to build it on the mac without the help of something breakable like bake, (like cmake)


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                  Revision 5, but closer to 8/9, and zero documentation...

                  I gues that the creatos care only about the engine and not about adoption leading to games.

                  But it's full of comments and a nice coding style. Is the spacing just Webkit/Google Code on drugs or doesn't he use tabs for blocks? And Apache license?

                  I'd like to see a showcase of some sort...


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                    Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
                    Revision 5, but closer to 8/9, and zero documentation...

                    Is the spacing just Webkit/Google Code on drugs or doesn't he use tabs for blocks?
                    It's Google Code on drugs. See, they use tabs for indentation, not spaces.