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Humble Indie "Frozenbyte" Bundle 3 Slows Down

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  • Humble Indie "Frozenbyte" Bundle 3 Slows Down

    Phoronix: Humble Indie "Frozenbyte" Bundle 3 Slows Down

    The pace of sales for the Humble Indie Bundle #3 has slowed down dramatically. This collection of multi-platform, DRM-free games whereby Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X gamers can pay whatever they want did $250k USD sales in the first day and then quick did half a million dollars in sales, but since then the pace has slowed down greatly...

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    well, like i said in earlier...

    Most likely whole thing has been cannibalized by previous sales.
    I don't feel like buying only one game game out mediocre interest, very mediocre at that.
    One of games doesn't even run on Linux so far.
    And i have already both shadow grounds games, so...
    I bet there are loads of people like this.

    Either way i hope developers did not get disappointed. Their source code will remain with them.(dunno if it's desirable thing under circmistances)


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      A little disappointed in Phoronix coverage

      Maybe the slow down in sales has something to do with the fact that none of the three main titles run on Intel hardware without heavy modification of the system.

      I learned of this fact the hard way yesterday when I bought it. I must admit that I think it would have been appropriate if this had been at some point mentioned in one of the many articles about the third bundle. I know that it is not a frozenbyte issue, but a driver issue. But the end result remains the same.

      It may also have been mentioned and I just missed it.

      Regards Kenneth


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        Blame it on mac users, just look at what they have contributed......

        or many mac users have moved to linux or mac gaming market seems to be dying ..


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          I don't know how other poeple reason, but I was kind of upset when only one game was released as Open Source after the success of the second bundle. Pehaps it was more poeple than me who felt "betrayed" when the games in the second bundle wasn't Open Sourced?

          As it looks now it's only one game which will be Open Source in this bundle, and I'm simply not interested in financing proprietary software. However, if all or most of the games is released as Open Source I'll gladly buy the bundle. I would be interested in seeing how many others are thinking like me.


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            One of the games is already open-sourced there.


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              I usually agree with free-software zealotry, but I find myself at odds with people complaining about the HiB. Proprietary or not, this is an opportunity to represent the linux gaming market. This is one of the few times that the linux community can put their money where their mouth is, and what happens? People complain. The same thing seemed to happen with Oilrush, and it's disheartening. I doubt that I'll even play the games in the pack soon, but I still contributed $15.

              On another note, it's relatively naive to expect that integrated gpus should run a game that relies on Physx.


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                I agree with snuwoods. It has never been claimed by the HIB creators that all the games are open sourced afterwards so stop whining and show that linux people want to have games too.


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                  If you check the archive page for the first bundle you'll notice they did $1,2M from 138,813 sales.
                  As of now, Frozenbyte's bundle has made 135,168 sales, pretty close.
                  AFAIK Trine has been quite a hit, so there may be less of an incentive to buy that bundle. Shadowgrounds 1 and 2 aren't really that different, there is little information about Splot, and Jack Claw isn't a full game.
                  So compared to previous bundles... This one might feel underwhelming as a whole. Or one might say people were spoiled by the previous ones.
                  Though I'm still going to get it.
                  I do hope Frozenbyte sets up a feedback page once the bundle wraps up.


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                    I had never even heard of Trine until this bundle. I missed out on the bundle 1 and 2, by a day or 2 each time... so when I got word of the 3rd one, I just grabbed it up. Maybe they should let them go on sale for a longer period of time. I don't care for the shadowgrounds games, but I like Trine. Haven't tried the other 2 at all. I do like the fact that I get a linux and a windows version included, so whichever one I'm booted into I can play without having to reboot just to play one particular game. One reason I'm playing NFS Pro Street instead of Hot Pursuit 2010. Pro Street works great on wine in linux, the other doesn't.

                    Better advertising is still the key, same with OilRush. People just haven't heard of them. I asked 3 people at work that are gamer/linux knowledgeable and none had heard of OilRush or the Humble Indie Bundle. One had heard of World of Goo and said he heard it was for sale to pay whatever you wanted... but didn't know it was part of a bundle.

                    I haven't had time to play Trine much, I've been testing out my new Vertex 3 HD but I really feel like I've already got my money's worth out of OilRush and it hasn't even been released as a full game yet.