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Good News For Linux Gamers This Thanksgiving

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    I would love to see a real good RTS game like C&C. Even if a DevTeam would just made the second or third place, I would buy it.

    Or let me say, I will buy all three games, even if I don't like them. That is a promis from me and my support for all Teams and Unigine.


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      Originally posted by devius View Post
      That's it?... Man, windows fanboys are gonna laugh their asses off when they find out that the linux geeks are all excited about the possibility of having one new game somewhere in the future.

      We'll laugh our asses of because they all run Windows.


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        Edit: Unigine should made a money support page, where people could sponsor place two and three.

        Damn, please extend the forum edit time to 5min or something like that!!!


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          Originally posted by Terracide View Post
          My Linux game wishlist::

          I personally would like to see a GOOD and ORIGINAL Science Fiction single-multiplayer Tactical FPS game for Linux. Something with a massive environment similar to Crysis and the like and keeping the gameplay fun and engaging. Said game should be complete with Spacecraft, Mechs, battlesuits, and an arsenal of futuristic projectile and energy based weapons. I have often dreamed of plying a game that I could launch out of a battleship in orbit around a planet, fly my dropship with occupants past planetary defenses and enemy fighters and drop my occupants on the battlefield so they can attack their objectives. Maybe we are at this point in game development, maybe not, but If the Unigine engine could drive a game like that (especially in Linux) I think every serious gamer in the world would take notice.
          You mean you want Quake Wars with drop ships?
          Ok, note taken. Next.


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            Originally posted by jntesteves View Post
            You mean you want Quake Wars with drop ships?
            Ok, note taken. Next.
            This game would be a far far cry from Quake wars.. What Im getting at is a game with seamless realtime transition and action taking place in space and on the ground, and I believe this is possible using streaming..


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              Originally posted by Naib View Post
              and why wouldn't they be using the Q3 engine right now?
              If it is todo with the Unigine the only ones interested would be those wanting todo 3D games yes?
              Because it's ooooold.

              Originally posted by Naib View Post
              Well we have had the UT2k4 engine that is cross platform, how many games come out of that (commercial)
              Q3 engine (its even gpl'ed) and how many games have come out of that (commercial)
              Doom3 engine how many?
              Unreal engine is NOT cross platform.
              idTech4 is NOT cross platform.
              These where ported by third parties. Cross platform code is not maintained.
              Most commercial products are released under licenses that can't be combined with the GPL. And Q3 is ooooold!

              Originally posted by Naib View Post
              Its not like there isn't already 3D engines that are cross platform or engines that are free, how has any of these spured linux game development and why would something from unigine change that
              You are right, there's a LOT of free or cheap cross platform libraries that game developers could use and they are of great quality, but, people are just not aware of these.

              Originally posted by Naib View Post
              if people wanted to code for linux they would have by now, every now and again some indi does some game but there hasn't been any significant increase in games for linux let alone top quality sellers (most recent is HoN and what else?)

              How is this going to be any different? Sure some deal for linux dev is great! it may spur it on BUT nothing says it isn't so I fail to see how this is great news for gamers (if it really is a licensing for indi)
              People don't develop Linux clients mainly because they just don't care, BUT, there's probably a lot of devs out there who doesn't develop for Linux because they don't know where to begin from, and that it can be ease and cheap. Sometimes, all good cross platform middleware like Unigine really need is better publicity. That's what they are doing.


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                Something important to note about Unigine is that it is not just the engine that runs on Linux - Its all the development tools as well.


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                  or, maybe, it will be direct3d 9...


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                    Great initiative! I'm so much looking forward to Oilrush, and will buy it even if I don't have a machine that can run it yet!

                    The sad thing though, is that an engine like Unigine is so advanced it will take a whole team a loong time to develop a hopefully good and unique game. I'm afraid we'll see Yet Another Uninspired FPS coming out of this...


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                      X-Com or Jagged Alliance simply deserve to be reborn.
                      Fallout is a goner.