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ET-XreaL Continues Moving Towards Better Graphics

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  • ET-XreaL Continues Moving Towards Better Graphics

    Phoronix: ET-XreaL Continues Moving Towards Better Graphics

    A few days ago I wrote about major changes coming to the Urban Terror game that up until now has been a popular ioquake3-powered game that originally began as a Quake 3 mod. Urban Terror is now going to be referred to as "Urban Terror HD" and they are switching from an open-source engine to being an id Tech 3 licensee, which is sad news for those interested in open-source games/engines. While hope may be lost with Urban Terror HD, it seems the XreaL version of Enemy Territory is moving along nicely...

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    Um, hate to burst your bubble on Xreal the game, but if you look at the third post on their homepage ("XreaL renderer to be ported to Wolf:ET")

    the original XreaL game project is dead and I won?t waste my resources on dealing with artists again.
    Seriously?! Dude, what happened to you, to get you that grumpy?!


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      Tr3b quited or something. The site is down...
      But another guy picked up the work and is working on it daily ->
      He made some progress.

      He is called thedushan: