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Sauerbraten "Cube 2" 2010 Update Released

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  • Sauerbraten "Cube 2" 2010 Update Released

    Phoronix: Sauerbraten "Cube 2" 2010 Update Released

    If you are looking to do some Linux / open-source gaming this weekend but are looking for something new besides the recent release of VDrift, the Sauerbraten developers are out with their first update in 14 months. Sauerbraten 2010-07-19 "Justice Edition" has been released with plenty of changes...

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    After 15 minutes of test, I can say it is not as stable as the 2009 release, but fun anyway. It's nice to see less ugly character model. It's getting closer to TF2 than Unreal or Quake, but it is a good thing.


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      it's too fast... unplayable.


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        If it's too fast, YOU are too slow

        Try a non InstaGib server, those are not quite as insane.


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          maybe because I'm playing fear2 this days...


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            Sauerbraten is cool, but I really don't like the community around it. I find them very inhospitable. There is no bug tracker or mailing list, everything is done in IRC, and you have to try multiple times to get eihrul to reply. It is really a shame that one of the best open-source games with the most advanced tech behind has such a hostile and disappointing community. Someone should fork this and fix it.


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              Have a look at Red Eclipse ( ) then, a "friendly" fork of Cube2.

              Cube2 is to be perfectly honest not really open-source in the sense you want it to be, and never was intended to be. They simply decided to release the source code under the MIT license.
              This is especially visible with their media/art assets policy which are strictly unfree in the FOSS sense (another thing Red Eclipse wants to do better).


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                The question for me is...... Is it finally fun?

                The single player had impressive graphics for an OSS game, but the gameplay of Sauerbraten has always been lacking for me. For multiplayer I have much more fun playing Nexuiz. This game was always proof to me that looks weren't everything.

                I'm glad they improved the models though.


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                  There was a time where I thought sauerbraten as the best fps in linux. A while later I discovered openarena, urban terror and finally nexuiz.

                  Now the graphics seems too crappy. The gameplay is incomplete.
                  And the artwork isn't coherent. The weapons are realistic oriented, the characters varies from doom-like to cartoon-like, and the maps also varies from doom to medieval.
                  And how do you end? With an kraken humanoid holding a 44 magnum in a medieval palace. What the... ?