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Calling all Linux HoN Players!

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  • Calling all Linux HoN Players!

    In a historic attempt, we finally managed to put a Linux focused team together at the Ubuntu forums, so now every Linux player out there has a home, let us all unite under the Tux flag.

    The Clan's name is [KotK]Keepers of the Kernel, and ANY Linux user is welcome by default.
    If you've been playing HoN lately, and have been short of friends, specially those who share a common interest in the OS of choice, join us in the quest.
    The Clan is made of various players with many different levels of skill, most are complete newbs, so don't be afraid that 'you'll suck'.We are Linux players, we don't flame people for not being perfect, we help one another, like we normally do in Open Source projects.

    Also, this isn't just a random attempt, in time, we do hope to be competitive, so if you play HoN for fun, casually, or seriously, AND are a Linux player, please join us!

    The Clan isn't officially restricted to Linux users, but... conversion attempts will be made constantly at any non-Linux user...
    They shall be converted or they shall perish in the battlefield!
    ...or something like that.

    Anyhow, off with the jokes, you can join us here.
    Or simply msg 'Kiori', or 'Politics', in-game.

    Hope to see more of you linux users out there join the fight!

    All hail Tux!