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Unigine Heaven Shows What Linux Gaming Can Look Like

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    Originally posted by Melcar View Post
    D3D9/10/11 and OpenGL look the same to me . Maybe some subtle differences, but I can't be bothered to look that closely.
    Anyway, fglrx 10.2 is the only fricking driver I can run the demo. If I try other drivers Heaven runs slow as molasses and the program only detects half my video memory. The OpenGL4.0 driver worked fine for like one time, but when I ran the demo a second time it started chocking. Anyone experiencing something like this?
    I'm using the 190.53 nVidia driver that comes with Arch 64. Also since I'm using nVidia instead of ATi, I would expect there to be some differences there too. Lately nVidia have not improved their driver substantially, maybe that could be why.. Let me try the binary blob from the nVidia website and I'll see if there are any huge differences.