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Epic Games Changes Story, Unsure About UT3 Linux Future

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  • Epic Games Changes Story, Unsure About UT3 Linux Future

    Phoronix: Epic Games Changes Story, Unsure About UT3 Linux Future

    Next month will mark the two-year anniversary of the Unreal Tournament 3 release, but to this day the UT3 Linux client still has not been released. Up to this point we have been told by Ryan Gordon (the one porting over the game and engine to Linux) that it is still being worked on and Epic Games has similarly told us -- just two months ago -- that it is slowly being worked on...

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    "Whatever the case may be, it looks like Epic Games is not expecting Unreal Tournament 3 on Linux to ever see the light of day, at least not in this decade."

    "Not in this decade" may mean less than a three month further delay. Yes, it does sound much more dramatic with decades.


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      Well, don't be surprised. A business has priorities dictated to it by the need to maximize profit. Epic will not make the linux port a priority - that's up to the gamers to do.


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        fuck you EPIC


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          Please stop spamming my newsreader with UT3 news (I know, that "news" is not the right word for that shit). If UT3 for Linux ever comes out (in this decade or in the next), you can give it a small sidenote with one or two words.

          Is anyone interested in an old game like this???

          Do you want more news about Heroes of Newerth?


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            To be honest I had given up on this game ever having a Linux client about 3 or 4 months after it was released. I'm just glad I wasn't one of the people that bought it on the good faith that a client was going to be released like it was promised. This is vaporware in my book, same as Duke Nukem Forever.


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              UT3 Vaporware?
              Oh well Nexuix is taking up the slack and getting better and better.
              You can get the latest Deb for Ubuntu here.
              The motion blur is a cool addition!


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                Since we know that Epic contracted the port to Ryan Gordon, we can stop assigning blame to Epic. Epic did the right thing by starting a Linux port when they didn't have to. It's not their fault that Ryan isn't competent enough to finish the port quickly. Contracts usually stipulate time-based releases, and if Ryan is past the deadline or is simply unable to do it, what's the incentive in continuing work?


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                  Originally posted by crumja View Post
                  Ryan isn't competent enough to finish the port quickly.
                  Son you have no idea what you're talking about.


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                    Is a ***GAME*** seriously attention worthy?

                    Even if it *was* completed, would it really matter? Would anyone CARE? Sure, a small handful of kids who have absolutely nothing better to do might run it for a few hours (collectively), and then in a matter of days, it will be forgotten altogether.

                    ITS JUST A DUMB GAME. Enough about it!