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Good News, id Tech 5 Is Likely Coming To Linux

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  • Good News, id Tech 5 Is Likely Coming To Linux

    Phoronix: Good News, id Tech 5 Is Likely Coming To Linux

    Contrary to earlier reports stating that the forthcoming id Tech 5 engine from id Software would likely not be ported to Linux due to the involved work, cost, and lackluster Linux graphics drivers (according to John Carmack), it looks like we will end up seeing this next-generation game engine running with Linux.Timothee Besset (perhaps better known as TTimo) has written a blog post that clears up the situation. Timothee is largely responsible for all of id Software's game client and server ports to Linux, like with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars...

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    Great news ;-) can't wait.


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      5% is a significant number.

      Are you paying attention, hardware manufacturers!?


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        Ah, good old TTimo!


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          l33f3r juz soiled himself at the sight of the article title.

          I am 1 happy fella.


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            Considering some of the reviews I've seen for Wolfenstein, it would not appear we are missing much actually.
            It's more exciting to hear about id tech 5 actually.


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              wolfenstein is actually not a bad game. I found it to be a little short and the traveling to different parts of town to be stupid but it wasn't bad. Not as good at RTCW was tho.


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                i'm shocked I thought that Id Soft had abandoned us for good! Wolfenstein in single player is good but the MP lacks of "je ne sais quoi"...


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                  Good news, the Dacia Sandero is coming to Europe!

                  Okay, so it's for Linux so it is a big deal, any notable proprietary software on Linux is a big deal. But still, Carmack is a fallen star and their future lineup looks weak. The last few games weren't exactly impressive either.


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                    I wish only the future games to hit the Linux platform in time.