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  • List of Great Linux Games:

    In my opinion, a modification is a game.

    * Savage: The Battle for Newerth (2003) -> Savage XR
    * Savage 2: A Tortured Soul (2008)
    * Heroes of Newerth (closed beta testing) (2009) - similar to DOTA
    By s2 Games

    * Quake 4
    - Quake 4: HardQore
    * Doom 3
    * UT2004 - many mods
    * Prey
    * Serious Sam 2
    * Postal 2
    * ETQW
    * ET

    * Sauerbraten
    * Warsow
    * Urban Terror
    * Nexuiz
    * Tremulous

    * UFO Alien Invasion
    * Jagged Alliance 2

    * Oolite - a elite clone and more
    * Vendetta Online - 3D space combat MMORPG
    * X3: Reunion
    * Lemmingballz - fun fighting game
    * OpenLieroX - a collection of liero games
    * Teeworlds - quake-style soldat/liero/worms

    * Pingus - lemmings clone (many players just done the tutorial...)
    * Fish Fillets NG - puzzle game
    * GCompris - a collection of educational games

    * Dominions 3 The Awakening - hardcore turn-based strategy game

    * Crack Attack!
    * Enigma
    * Rocks'n'Diamonds
    * X-Moto

    * Toribash

    * Simutrans
    * OpenTTD

    * X-Plane
    * FlightGear

    * Hedgewars
    * Wormux
    * Scorched 3D

    * Neverball

    * Nethack/Slash'em
    * Dungeon Crawl Reference

    * Globulation 2 - macrofocus RTS

    * Lincity-NG

    * Neverwinter Nights
    * Eschalon: Book

    * Gish
    * World of Goo

    # Penumbra: Black Plague
    # Penumbra: Overture
    # Penumbra: Requiem
    By Frictional Games

    * Spring Engine Based Games
    Kernel Panic
    Complete Annihilation

    Potential to be great:
    Numpty Physics - replacement of
    Egoboo - unstable
    Soulfu - lack of Linux support
    Xreal - graphic success in open source world
    Spring 1944 - historical game need tweaking and balancing
    0 A.D. - a AOE 2 like game in pre-alpha stage
    Vega Strike - space simulator with very slow pace development
    Q3 Rally - a modification of Quake 3/OpenArena
    Liquid War 6 - beta stage
    Star Wars: Imperial Winter - Spring-powered RTS
    Flying Irons

    Once great projects now fading:
    Mtp Target
    Mania Drive
    Racer(for linux)
    Ultimate Stunts

    Very Good Games:
    Warzone 2100
    Alien Arena **** - use *current year* replace "****"
    Spring Engine - Gundam RTS, Expand_and_Exterminate
    World of Padman
    Atomic Tanks
    Secret Maryo Chronicles
    Dwarf Fortress
    Free Space 2
    X2: the threat
    Free Space 2 engine - The Babylon Project

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    Jagged Alliance on Linux? Did I miss something?


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      Well it's on icculus' list so maybe it is(apparently dead link but publisher is titan computer...).


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        Originally posted by jiero View Post
        * Descent 3 - hardcore turn-based strategy game
        lol, right?

        You forgot Glest, Tremulous, Alien Arena and Warzone 2100 for the free games, and Sacred Gold as a pay title.
        Also if you can get it to run, Alpha Centauri from Loki is great.


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          u kno your in a sorry state of affairs when you can list all of the decent games for your platform.


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            Labeling Descent 3 a turn based strategy game... geez... where the hell did you get THAT crap from?


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              Originally posted by Dragonlord View Post
              Labeling Descent 3 a turn based strategy game... geez... where the hell did you get THAT crap from?
              Ah, that is a tiny problem compared to completely leaving out Battle for Wesnoth.

              And yeah, in general I'd say that the list is rather incomplete, there are many more great (native!) open and closed source games for Linux. Some other good games missing from the list:
              * Sacred Gold
              * Ankh
              * Ankh 2
              * Jack Keane
              * Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness (Episode 1 and 2)


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                Didn't know Ankh is on Linux too.


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                  yea. Runs kind of balls tho. Shadows are garbage. Certainly doesn't display what ogre can do.


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                    I'm not an usual MMORPG player, but recently I'm enjoying Regnum Online very much on Linux. Sure, it has its nags and niches, but the overall experience I get is very rich, especially when you get to the higher levels. The game is always under constant improvements and bug fixing and will only get better.

                    Those interested can check it at

                    400mb free download, free to play.