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Unigine Game Engine Continues To Advance

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  • Unigine Game Engine Continues To Advance

    Phoronix: Unigine Game Engine Continues To Advance

    The Unigine Engine, which is an impressive multi-platform game that hasn't really been widely used in any games yet but does offer some very impressive tech demos (via the Phoronix Test Suite), continues to advance and pick up new features. As we have shared earlier, the company behind Unigine is working on a new game that will run on Linux, which is not too surprising when considering the fact that the company is very Linux friendly. Their Sanctuary and Islands technology demos/benchmarks have been impressive but lately they have been working on new physics support and many other improvements...

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    I would really like to see that second image in a widescreen background resolution, single monitor and dual monitor 16:10 and 16:9. It's really awesome, and the fact that it's generated by Uniengine on Linux makes it that much better!


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      Yeah, I follow this engine's development with interest and hope that it will be adopted soon by more companys. I read that it's avaible for Play Station 3 games soon, too.


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        Hmm those clouds look more like smoke or smog, very shallow without any depth. I was hoping to see the clouds more volumetric in size with bright white reflections in them.


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          this game engine is really impressive, i think that if they can be independent i think that they can make a huge hit with their game engine! i wish them luck!


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            Looking fantastic. I too would like to see real cumulonimbus clouds, though I don't recall seeing them in any games .. you know, the classic thunderstorm with all the features like rock solid updraft, chunky anvil, rain curtain, possibly a tornado (or waterspout if it was in Unigine-tropics ), at the right angle a rainbow (if the sun's up), and .. lightning (especially good when at night!).. That would be truly spectacular.

            I suspect these guys will make a pretty good return on investment when they release their Linux game
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