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Bandits: Phoenix Rising Finally Gets A New Beta

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  • Bandits: Phoenix Rising Finally Gets A New Beta

    Phoronix: Bandits: Phoenix Rising Finally Gets A New Beta

    Bandits: Phoenix Rising, a unique racing game that was released for Windows back in 2003, is finally getting closer to being released on Windows. Linux Game Publishing began work on porting this title to Linux in January of 2007 and up to February of 2008 they had only issued two betas...

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    Please make sure you beat on the thing HARD, gang. I want the thing done and over with too so I can get on to other projects...


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      Does it support force feedback with Linux?


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        Not currently. When the game was started, force feedback hadn't really gelled (still kind of hasn't...) on Linux- and I'd not realized that the support had been stubbed out until just now.

        I can look into adding it here in this pass- if it won't make things be delayed too much, I'll put it in. If not, it'll have to be in a patch that comes out after shipping.


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          Is it possible to switch to another virtual screen or to a VT from fullscreen with this game, using for example a shortcut (I've got keys set for each of my virtual screens, and I also hate when games in fullscreen lock the possibility to switch to a VT)?


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            It's like 2009 this year... and they tries to beat the dead horse and earn some more money on a 2003 title? come on.... give me a break


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              Great attitude there. Keep it up and we won't have Linux titles coming EVER.


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                Hum, may be at 25$, the game will be a success on Linux : it seems to be funny and addictive.

                In fact, I think that Linux needs more games like that, but at 25$->30$