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DXVK 1.0.1 Released With Various Game Fixes For Direct3D On Vulkan

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    This has been explained ad nauseum by Bridgeman and others on this forum. It is a legal minefield to open source things (because of the broken nature of the us patent system regarding software). They have multiple vulkan need to do it because it is their cross platform driver (with a different shader compiler), as the Linux specific bits are only a small part of the total effort.

    As an owner of only amd gpu (fury and 7950) I'm very happy with their big contributions to open source and understand that there are businesses motivations that don't always align with the ideal solution for the Linux platform but they are doing some great things these days and should be cut some slack


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      You're dumb to believe that. Internally an issue. Not even a concern outside. Like I said, AMD fucked up internally. They won't say it. But it's reality. It's even based on AMD IP!


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        Yeesh, I had a few typos in there.

        I've worked at both very large and very small companies and invariably they all have their own unique dysfunction. Things at AMD are certainly trending in the right direction. It is a bit sad that, as the progenitor of Vulkan, their linux efforts are behind others.

        The truth is that they need to maintain a windows vulkan driver and RADV being good won't change that. The LLVM compiler and other work bring done by AMD should benefit it as well, and I hope that both solutions get so good that the one with the highest maintenance burden ceases to exist.