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  • Cute3DModeler

    Geri's Cute3DModeler is a 3D model creator and editor software, main platform is Linux.

    I originally made this software only for myself, but many freelancer / indie game developer asked me to release it, since they found the ofhter 3d modeling softwares on linux overcomplicated/useless.

    So this program is designed for ecsactly and only this purpose, it will not be ideal or optimal for other purposes at all, and its not ideal for professional modelers, or for highpoly modeling.

    You can edit your models in four standard wireframed sketch views. Pervertex (right panel) and per-object (left panel) edition is available, and you have a real time 3D preview. You DONT have to remember hotkeys, becouse you can use the software with your mouse (or finger). Ttexturing and UV mapping is available. The editor stays stable up to a few million polygons. Every geometry is interpreted as triangles, the software supports up to 9998 mesh per model.

    Cute3DModeler is ideal to create scene objects, such as furnitures, wehlices, houses, unique characters, monsters.