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AMD Loses Some Linux Kernel Developers

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    Originally posted by arokh View Post
    AMD driver sucks anyways. Anyone who want decent Linux support should get an nvidia card.
    I have the nVidia driver binaries on one system. They are fine/solid with Debian. I'm no fan of nVidia's OpenCL stack, direction with OpenCL and their lack of joining HSA.


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      Originally posted by curaga View Post
      It so happens that the kernel runs your cpus, not LLVM.
      It just so happens that besides FreeBSD that Linux is working on making LLVM/Clang first class to build their kernel and since you mention kernel more and more of what the kernel does via messaging will be to pass parallel processing loads on to kernels built in OpenCL.


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        Uh, what? Are you high?

        That has absolutely nothing to do with the kernel's cpu support. Without the kernel's cpu support:

        a) it may not boot
        b) you may not get any power-saving
        c) you may not get full performance
        d) you may not get sensor data