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Nokia's Actions Already Harm Qt 5.0 Release

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    Originally posted by funkSTAR View Post
    Yeah right. A white knight will appear and save Qt and the lords virgin daughter.

    It is quite easy to avoid this happening. Just keep making yearly bugfix releases to Qt and deliver all new features in commercial addons. And to keep it proper, make partners do it. Just like Digia is doing these days. Nokia has all they need to avoid this. KDE ev.s agreement with this commercial and evil entity is not worth more than the used to sig the Munich agreement.
    Bullshit. The agreement specifically requires that they continue making important releases, including significant new features, not just bugfix releases. If you are going to lecture people on the contents of an agreement, it would be nice to actually know what is in the agreement, rather than just making up "facts" out of thin air.
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      Originally posted by AJSB View Post
      Oh yeah., i just remember now that...who is in charge of the free stuff nowdays in terms of Mono ? Xamarin also ?!?
      Yes. Although there hasn't been a major release since the Mono team moved to Xamarin yet.