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AHCI vs. IDE Linux Performance Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    Your description is wrong, first it's NCQ and it is not limited to reads
    No, it was spot on. These were just typos since I wrote it very fast and I didn't keep track of the latest SSD developments ;-)


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      In my experience using AHCI makes a huge impact once you use software RAID devices - especially when it comes to responsiveness under load.
      In IDE mode, heavy IO would have simply bogged down my dual Xeon machines.
      w/ AHCI, even while running a tar backup w/ pbzip2, I can still use the machine.

      ... Though to be honest, I never took the time to benchmark it.

      - Gilboa
      DEV: Intel S2600C0, 2xE52658V2, 32GB, 4x2TB + 2x3TB, GTX1080, F27/x86_64, Dell UP3216Q 4K.
      SRV: Intel S5520SC, 2xX5680, 36GB, 4x2TB, GTX550, F27/x86_64, Dell U2711..
      BACK: Tyan Tempest i5400XT, 2xE5335, 8GB, 3x1.5TB, 9800GTX, F27/x86-64.
      LAP: ASUS Strix GL502V, i7-6700HQ, 32GB, 1TB+256GB, 1070M, F27/x86_64.