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    Originally posted by powerhouse View Post
    For photo editing, Windows or Mac definitely have apps to choose from.

    For all the other things I do on a PC, Linux gives me plenty and more.

    I have a dual-boot PC right now but don't like that at all - it's totally inconvenient. A Windows-only PC is out of the question. I like Linux, I have had very good experiences with it, over a long time now. My experience with Windows has been more troublesome, and as a user I don't like their ecosystem. Using a Windows system feels like being a 3rd class citizen.
    Well yes. I flip over to Windows only when I want to play my games, and I can only tolerate it because 99% of my time is actually spent inside the game. lol.

    I feel like OS X requires a little bit of a learning curve to find where things are, but with the filesystem similarities and terminal access you have a lot of the UNIX-like infrastructure.

    Though you'd have to get a Mac to get OS X. Or do you? There are rumors going around about OS X on PCs. Rumors that I can publicly neither confirm nor deny. Let's just say that there are ways. ....... "Ways that some consider to be................. unnnnnnnnnatural."