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Adobe Issues Final Linux Flash Player Release

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  • Adobe Issues Final Linux Flash Player Release

    Phoronix: Adobe Issues Final Linux Flash Player Release

    Adobe released the official Flash Player 11.2 for Linux release this week, which will serve as the last major version of their Flash/SWF player on Linux...

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    No. Despite Phoronix's vdpau and nvidia fanboiism it's not a good idea to update to 11.2 on a blob system:


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      What's more, Adobe has officially stated that Flash Player 11.2 will not be supported so filing any bugs against it will be a waste of your time:


      Thank you for your report to Adobe.

      Unfortunately we do not support Fedora Linux anymore post 11.2



      Yuzhong Cao <[email protected]>


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        Flash is becoming more and more irrelevant. No one is going to miss this crap.


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          And nothing of value was lost!


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            As Flash on Linux will fall behind it will be at some point where some sites will refuse to play videos on Flash 11.2 as it'll become too old to play content. So before long someone might whip up a wrapper that's much like nspluginwrapper that will allow Google's Flash plugin to load and work in Firefox (you can extract the plugin file from the Chrome install package rather than have to install Chrome)

            Hopefully HTML5 will take over the video playing space though in the next few years so that Flash will become moot


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              No more Adobe Swiss Cheese security hole. Less crashes. Less memory-wasting. Less CPU usage wasted.
              Everything feels "cleaner".

              Sadly some sites still make use of Flash, even for critical elements like navigation. There are also some (good) vector animations (David Firth, or little games out there that need flash support.
              Problem here is that the free alternatives aren't yet ready. Also, what if some "cool" "hip" "trendy" webdesigners (as seen in the past) are going to push always to the newest version? "this website needs a newer version of flash". Oh thanks a lot.

              So I don't know if to rejoice or to cry.
              Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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                We all know there already are better solution for video in place and actually being used. But what about other uses? For example where I find myself using flash again is info graphics. Lets say for things like elections, or major sports event like olympics. There are huge amounts of data to display (and legitimatly of interest), and news outlets and media organizations produce flash where you can click through say election results for your county divided by age group.

                I'm sure that can be done nicely with html5-ish technology, but it's not as easy as the flash video migration where you have youtube as the heavy weight and other content providers would just follow what they do.


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                  is unreal engine flash working for anyone on linux ?

                  (windows works fine for me)

                  The only way we'll be able to play unreal games (without wine or tinkering) and this doesnt work... (thanks adobe!)


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                    Flash is not just about playing videos, I really can't understand why some people think this is good riddance. Flash no longer being available on Linux won't stop the sites from using it. The Linux market share is just too small to make a difference and encourage developers to use HTML5.

                    Overall this is a bad day for desktop-linux because Flash is not yet dead, not even close to being dead.