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OpenMP May Finally Come To LLVM/Clang

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  • OpenMP May Finally Come To LLVM/Clang

    Phoronix: OpenMP May Finally Come To LLVM/Clang

    Multi-threading in LLVM has been brought up and it looks like some developers may finally be taking on the challenge of bringing OpenMP support to this growing open-source compiler infrastructure...

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    multi-process programming???

    OpenMP is used by programs like GraphicsMagick and several of the benchmarks we commonly run at Phoronix as it's very efficient and effective for multi-process programming.
    article-factory fail!


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      ROSE uses the EDG frontend. In other words, it's pretty crappy. Can be use to build tools for the C++ it supports, but the lure of Clang is just how easy it is to modify and extend and improve.


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        Dragonegg supports OpenMP

        If you need to turn OpenMP code into LLVM IR, this can be done with dragonegg (gcc lowers OpenMP constructs before the conversion from gimple to LLVM IR occurs).