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Adobe Flash Player 11 Is Now Officially Out

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  • Adobe Flash Player 11 Is Now Officially Out

    Phoronix: Adobe Flash Player 11 Is Now Officially Out

    After being available as public development builds for the past few months, Adobe has now officially released Flash Player 11 for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms...

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Other benefits of Adobe's Flash 11 is that it's much faster
    No, it's not.


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      Official 64 bit support? Will the world end?
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        It was also released for Android in case anyone cares...


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          I now use the open source radeon driver but from my experience with the betas I guess it's the same with fglrx:

          Video rendering on youtube is still software in normal size and in fullscreen despite EnableLinuxHWVideoDecode=1 and OverrideGPUValidation=1 and no compositing.
          Thus it needs much cpu time, especially on fullscreen (but actually no tearing and no framedropping and it at least looks fluent).

          When the browser is displayed on a screen connected via HDMI and I try to put flash in fullscreen then
          - the flash video is displayed on the internal screen of the laptop
          - it has the wrong size (too little)
          - it is in the wrong position (not in the middle, but too much at the bottom)

          The max racer demo application still has < 3 FPS while using all CPU cores quite full. I think it renders completely in Software too.
          I have read that stage3d only uses OpenGL 1.3 anyway and I wondered, why is that? On mobile devices it at least is supposed to use OpenGL ES 2.0 for rendering. But OpenGL 1.3 is a standard from 2001!

          I would like to say something positive about flash. Really. The flashplugin had problably one main use case for the past few years: Playing videos. And it does a really bad job: Fullscreen video on a second screen rarely works and both normal and fullscreen video use way too much CPU due to software rendering.

          I really have to test the open source alternatives once more...


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            Adobe said stage3d is not hw accelerated under linux. It is unclear to me if it will ever be.
            For me, flash 11 tears in window and fullscreen, and i've higher cpu load.

            Go adobe!


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              Originally posted by kokoko3k View Post
              Adobe said stage3d is not hw accelerated under linux. It is unclear to me if it will ever be.
              For me, flash 11 tears in window and fullscreen, and i've higher cpu load.
              You're the first one to confirm this problem. I have it too, but everybody here kept saying it works fine for them.

              If you can, please confirm the problem here:


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                I pointed it to this bug report from me:

                This time they cannot say it is not reproducible


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                  First of all: don't kill me for saying that...

                  Now that it's official maintained by Adobe, when we will see a 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows?
                  This really is something to consider, since the Windows world is a great opportunity for Firefox to grow.


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                    Wow! I must say, I'm really, really, really impressed by Adobe now. They "only" needed a took about 8.5 years (counting from the release of AMD Opteron) to release an official 64bit version of flash. There must be some really good developers working there ? Seriously though, how on earth can they manage to be so darn slow to release it? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the kernel guys had a working Linux kernel about two years before the actual hardware was released. I'm not saying Adobe should have been ready on the release day of AMD Opteron, nor that it's only a recompile away, but 8.5 years is a long time, way much longer than what should be necessary.