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XtreemFS: A Distributed & Replicated File-System

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  • XtreemFS: A Distributed & Replicated File-System

    Phoronix: XtreemFS: A Distributed & Replicated File-System

    While EXT4 and Btrfs are the most talked about file-systems on Phoronix, there are certainly many more out there, especially when it comes to distributed file-systems and those largely only targeting enterprise environments. One example is XtreemFS, which is an open-source file-system that is distributed with support for clients and servers from any location and connected together using the Internet. This GPLv2-licensed file-system is also meant to easily replicate data across data-centers to reduce latency and network traffic...

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    I don't know about this XtreemFS but AFS does this and is proven.

    Recent versions of AFS have improved greatly check them out AFS is also multi platform. try the 1.6 series its much improved over previous releases. also combine it with kerberos for single sign on across the entire network be it your home or in my case my school its pretty slick.