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    Originally posted by allquixotic View Post
    So it's "similar" that the Opteron was between the m1.large and m1.xlarge in the previous benchmark, but in this one, the Opteron is between 2 and 3 times faster than either of the AMIs? Think you need to watch how much gluhwein you're drinking, Michael...


    Close? The fastest (the Core i7) is well over twice as fast as the slowest (m1.large). How is that close? I guess you could say the xlarge and the Opteron are sort of close, but that's not the only conclusion to draw here, and you certainly didn't specify that.

    Article nitpicking aside, I think it would be funny to write a program that automatically looks at graphs like this, draws "conclusions", and formats them in a style that resembles Michael's writing I have some spare time this holiday season, so I might take a stab at writing such a program! It will be hard to exactly mimic his writing style, though... he has have had had had had had had had had -- er, I mean, has a unique style
    Agreed, I looked at the graphs, the numbers, and had to disagree with several of the adjoining conclusions.