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XFS delayed logging in 2.6.35

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  • XFS delayed logging in 2.6.35


    I wonder if we could see a performance test of the new XFS delayed logging feature in 2.6.35:
    This version adds a logging (journaling) mode called delayed logging, which is very briefly modeled after the journaling mode in the ext3/4 and reiserfs filesystems. It allows to accumulated multiple asynchronous transactions in memory instead of possibly writing them out many times. The I/O bandwidth used for the log decreases by orders of magnitude and performance on metadata intensive workloads increases massively. The log disk format is not changed, only the in-memory data structures and code. This feature is experimental, so it's not recommended for final users or production servers. Those who want to test it can enable it with the "-o delaylog" mount option.
    Also according to this:
    The XFS updates for Linux 2.6.36 include various additional performance improvements in the delayed logging code, for direct I/O writes and for avoiding synchronous transactions, as well as various fixed and large amount of cleanups, including the removal of the remaining dead DMAPI code.