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Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta 3 Comes w/o 64-bit Linux

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    In a short test it does not crash that often like the betas before. Have to test it a bit longer - but i see basically no diff to 10.0.
    It has a lot more DRM functions than 10.0. I guess you're not seeing a difference because no servers have started requiring the new security features yet. (Which makes sense since 10.1 hasn't been officially released yet.)

    And don't hold your breath waiting for full-featured 10.1 to arrive for any other platforms. The security features they added starting in 10.0 are only present in the 32 bit x86 Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. This is at least partly because they're using a bunch of obfuscated crypto libraries, and the product they're using to do the obfuscation only works on 32 bit x86 code. (Try using the 10.0 64 bit Flash plugin to access Hulu - it won't work. Hulu started requiring the 10.0 security features around January 10 this year, but the 64 bit plugin doesn't have any of this code so you have to downgrade to the instability of the 32 bit plugin and nswrapper if you want to view that content.)

    Fortunately we have rtmpdump, which works on all platforms...