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Weirdest bug: dvd / hwconfig

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  • Weirdest bug: dvd / hwconfig

    ... My dvd player stopped working properly (both xine and mplayer). It'd play one dvd, but not most others. It'd been fine the day before,
    so i was guessing the optical drive was failing. But the funny thing was, the kernel (Fedora7 with custom 2.6.27rc8) wasn't initing /dev/dvd properly either.

    Anyway , tried out Windows and my backup (cloned) linux OS, and it was working fine on both.. So doing a "diff -r /mnt/backupOS/etc /etc"
    i noticed /etc/sysconfig/hwconf had been overwritten with a heap of entries related to my old K8M800 mobo (not good for a PT880 mobo!).

    This is extremely weird as
    1. I haven't got this mobo out of the cupboard in ages
    2. I hadn't done any sys admin stuff
    3. I don't even run kudzu (hwconf is used by the kudzu system service)

    I copied over "cp /mnt/backupOS/etc/sysconfig/hwconf /etc/sysconfig/hwconf",
    rebooted, problem fixed ... Very weird.

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    I copied over "cp /mnt/backupOS/etc/sysconfig/hwconf /etc/sysconfig/hwconf",
    rebooted, problem fixed ... Very weird.
    Well , "hwconf" wasn't the problem even though it seemed that way.
    It recurred again, and i'll be dammed why as i've had this box up for two
    years now. So... trying to fix this i've just upgraded to kernel 2.6.30,
    and it seems fine.

    Hmmphh. I've had this week off work , and
    instead of watching dvds have been f-ing doing OS maintenance :-(


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      Still have a problem.

      Kernel upgrade didn't fix it either.. Sometimes there's just no /dev/dvd devices !^%$$
      Mobo (4coredual-sata2) might be on it's way out, as i'm getting pccassional spontaneous reboots,
      mostly in windows, but had one in linux too.