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Btrfs Slated To Make Use Of New Mount API In Linux 6.8

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    Let's start up the genesis of
    Red Sea FS 2:16

    The RedSea file system does not allow files to grow because it only has an allocation bitmap and not a FAT table. This "flaw" is by design. I am intentionally crippling this operating system, making it a toy with the wisdom that this will prevent commercialization and corruption. The toy spirit of the operating system will be preserved going into the future. The vision for this operating system was a modern Commodore 64, which was a fun toy.


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      "EXT4 switched to it at the end of 2021​"

      Oh, I didn't feel a thing.


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        Originally posted by muncrief View Post
        Good god, after the latest ZFS disaster I'm no longer trying any new features on any file systems until they've been long tested in the real world.

        [...] as it's obvious no one really knows exactly what's going on. And there's a simple and preventable reason for it - there are no all encompassing architectural documents, specifications, or coverage and fuzz verification suites, for either file system. Instead everyone is just throwing code in and running arbitrary scripts to "prove" the code works.
        I have no doubt that it will take a very long time until the new approach is stable and well tested.


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          Originally posted by timofonic View Post
          Slow adoption? I wonder what's more left...
          In the end it's not 20 years later but a couple of years, by the way most users won't notice any difference.
          What else does Btrfs have that Ext4 doesn't? Many things....​