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Canonical Releases LXD 5.17 With OpenZFS 2.2 Delegation Support

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    Originally posted by paulocoghi View Post

    Since distrobox is based on docker, I would recommend LXD instead because its based on LXC and the container environment it provides is, by design, a complete OS environment. It's natural choice.

    Docker, on the other hand, provides containers made to run a single service on each of them and, IMHO, it seems like a workaround/kludge to make them running multiple services inside again.
    Thanks, much appreciated. I see what you mean. I'll need to give LXD a spin myself.
    Just for future reference, readers might be interested in these Distrobox documentation paragraphs:which, together, can give the same advantages of having a complete environment, although falling under the part of your comment I highlighted in bold.


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      On the other hand, nobody talked LXD was forked some weeks ago as Incus​ Some reasons in the following link: