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ZoneFS File-System To See Some Improvements With Linux 5.19

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  • ZoneFS File-System To See Some Improvements With Linux 5.19

    Phoronix: ZoneFS File-System To See Some Improvements With Linux 5.19

    Back in 2019 Western Digital announced their work on ZoneFS as a new Linux file-system just designed for specialty use-cases and running on zoned block devices. There hasn't been much code churn around ZoneFS in a number of kernel releases since it was merged back in 2020 while for Linux 5.19 this summer a number of fixes/improvements have been queuing up...

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    It'd be interesting to see some real benchmarks for an application/database running on normal filesystems versus running in zone-aware mode on ZoneFS

    I found some synthetic benchmarks from the manufacturer, but independent testing with actual production software would probably be more useful to more people:


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      File Systems, Containers, Logical Volumes, disk optimated file systems, flash optimates file system, posix, non-posix, table, tree and so on:
      Every feature has its reason, of course! But there is no structure, lot of redundant work or NIH.

      File systems are not enough for modern operating Systems. Modern operating systems needs a well structured file system stack (FSS)!

      If Linux continue with these file system chaos and implement no FSS the effort to manage data and keep data peristent over years or decades will increase into huge dimensions!