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Linux Supports More Filesystems With 2.6.30-rc1

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  • Linux Supports More Filesystems With 2.6.30-rc1

    Phoronix: Linux Supports More Filesystems With 2.6.30-rc1

    Two weeks have passed since the release of the Linux 2.6.29 kernel that brought Intel kernel mode-setting, the Btrfs file-system, and many other improvements to the Linux kernel. Now though the first release candidate for the forthcoming Linux 2.6.30 kernel is now out in the wild. Linus Torvalds announced last night the release of Linux 2.6.30-rc1 with the merge window for it now being closed...

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    I will have to look these up to see why they might perhaps be interesting... but right now I'm a little underwhelmed by yet-another-file-system.

    Perhaps someday I'll actually be able to benefit by my distribution offering snapshots and rollbacks (to previous system states), and perhaps runtime compression for filesystem performance... something to be excited about.


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      the r6xx-r7xx drm-stuff got merged with this release, right?


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        nilfs2 is great news!
        Excellent filesystem for flash devices.
        Will be an excellent addition for netbooks.