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Con Kolivas Fixes Up GUI-Related Stalls In Mesa

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    You can read original discussion of this patch here:
    Seems that it really related to MuQSS performance, s.t. Con even provided a custom Mesa build (with this patch applied) alongside with MuQSS patchset for kernel v5.6.


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      Originally posted by raster View Post

      No - it changes the priority of THREADS that mesa creates - and this means anything that is using Mesa to render (your compositor, games, browsers these days etc.) can be affected as these are silent internal threads Mesa may be spinning off to do background work as a result of requests via regular OpenGL APIs etc. Mesa explicitly lowered the priority of these threads to IDLE so they don't impact other applications threads as much - that was already the case. This patch just lowers the priority less than before to a type (IDLE now BATCH) to where it gets more regular scheduling time, so they may now impact other threads more by taking time slices away, but may also provide results in a more timely fashion too. It depends on what the threads were/are doing and a whole host of other complex system state.
      Ahh, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.


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        Con Kolivas is a genius.